Exasperating the slave

My slave is still desperate to get his foot job. I remove his chastity device, I start teasing him and his cock with my smooth sexy perfect superior feet, and then I’m ready to give a foot job: not to the slave, however, To the water bottle I place between his legs. Having to see the bottle getting what he craves the most, is pure torture. His cock is so close, and yet he can’t feel anything. He’s so desperate he wants to cry.


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What about 2 sexy straight jocks chillin’ on the bed? They could rest their tired feet on your body. They seems to be unaware that this may turn u on. U are able to lick and sniff their hot footwear, while they’re busy with their smartphone. Sweaty socks sniffing, with a lot of sensual foot play on your crotch, while they relax . Sometimes they lay on their stomach, sometimes they smoke, but their sweaty feet are always working on your hungry body. Lot of sweaty and fragrant bare toes. Tony and Travis in a sensual and erotic scene of footlove, u will not forget:!

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23 y.o. German boys’ soles getting tickled and a bastinado


I’ve met this young German guy for the second time and he agreed to be tied up in the stocks and get his feet tickled again. He and most ticklish with an electric toothbrush and feathers. He told me in the end that it was very, very hard to take it cause he didn’t want to please me to stop. After the tickle tortur e he received a bastinado aswell… he said, he didn’t know how painful it is to get the soles beaten with a cane. Enjoy it!!

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